Gemini Ensemble

This case of records is presented by the Oce Group to its employees. The recordings were made for the Oce Group by Klaas Posthuma Productions, Castricum, Holland, and they are not on sale in the shops. 
Baltazar plays Isaac Albeniz:
  1. Cantos de España
  2. Preludio
  3. Orientale
  4. Bajo la Palmera
  5. Córdoba

Unreleased recording 1975 - Baltazar Benitez
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Unreleased recording of 1975, Baltazar playing:

1) Pavanes - Luis de Milán (composer)

2) Pavane - Gaspar Sanz (composer)

3) Espanoleta - Gaspar Sanz (composer)

4) Canarios - Gaspar Sanz

5) Gitaar sonatine in A GR.T. -  Federico Moreno Torroba (composer)

6) Torre Bermeja  - Isaac Albéniz (composer)


Letters from Abel Carlevaro

 See below 3 original letters from Maestro Abel Carlevaro to his student Baltazar Benitez. These letters are written in 1971 and 1972 in which Abel Carlevaro dedicates one of his newly written pieces "Tamboriles" to Baltazar. Listen to this piece played by Baltazar by clicking on this link:  ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qlcFW8kLvI
Letter from Abel Carlevaro.JPG
Letter from Abel Carlevaro 1971.JPG
Carta Abel Carlevaro dedicando Tamborile

Tango paintings

After Baltazar ended his musical career in 1994 he took up several other hobbies of which one was painting. One of the most recognized works was his ode to the Tango. ​Click on the paintings for the original tango text. 

Portrait of Baltazar Benitez by Claudio Silveira Silva

This portrait is made by the Uruguayan  Claudio Silveira Silva (1939, Río Branco, Uruguay – 2007)  who was a sculptor and a good friend of Baltazar. These paintings were made in 1987 when he was visiting Baltazar at his home in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 

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